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Monday, October 7, 2013

Tamanu Oil – Amazing Natural Skin Care!

Tamanu Oil – Amazing Natural Skin Care!
Chemical free - Anti aging - Skin Rejuvenation - Moisturizing

New Tissue, Less Scars healthy skin with tamanu oil  

Cicatrisation is the formation of new tissue to speed healing. Tamanu oil promotes tissue 
formation and this is partly why wounds heal much more rapidly
Some of the benefits  and uses for tamanu oil include:
Helps rejuvenate skin by helping the body create new skin tissue 
Tamanu Oil
One of the most effective oils for fading scars & stretch marks
Treating acneTreating infections Removing of age spots Healing diabetic sores Healing insect bites Relieves eczema, psoriasis & other skin conditions & rashesGreat anti-inflammatory qualities
Helps relieve pain from sports injuriesHelps heal diaper rash Protects from sun & wind burnHeals burns, including those from            

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Helps heal hemorrhoids & anal fissures
Heals open, oozing and post surgical wounds
Promotes soft, clear, blemish-free skin
Helps reduce wrinkles
Relieves pain from joint pain, arthritis, neuralgia, shingles, leprous neuritis & sciatica
Reduces body & foot odor
Relieves chapped lips & skin
Helps heal blisters, abcesses, boils, herpes sores & diabetic sores       
Helps relieve bug bites & poison ivy
Relieves rheumatism and scabies
Effective agains gout & ringworm
Tamanu Oil
Heals cracked skin, bed sores, athlete's foot, skin infections, conjunctivitis, jock itch
May help reduce keloid scars
May help relieve sore throat when applied to the neck

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